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  • Free Hair Sample
  • 6″ 25 gram Orange Line Hair
  • 10″25 gram Black Line Hair
  • Just pay for shipping

Please note that the sample is to allow clients a cheap way to test our hair quality. Therefore we only allow clients to order it once. Ordering it more than once will likely delay your order, as we’ll have to contact you and correct the order.


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Bossique’s Hair Sample

This free sample contains 25 grams of each of our two lines: Orange Line and Black Line. They’re both short-length bundles. It’s a fixed set and we don’t offer the option to add certain options like textures to the set.

Even if you manage to add this to your cart multiple times, we’ll only ship it out once.

Looking for a Vendor? Be Cost-Effective!

If you’re trying to find a vendor, always do a first round of testing. Start by testing the cheapest option available, which is usually a short-length bundle or a fraction of one. If you know what to look for, you can easily identify any shortcuts that manufacturers may have taken during the sourcing and production of hair extensions.

Like this, costs can easily stay under $50 per vendor with a small hair sample, as opposed to the $300 it might take for a full install. And while it doesn’t test for everything, you can always do a second round of testing only with the vendors who passed your first round.

In the second round you can check out their lace closures, or find the right hair care routine for that specific hair. After all, not all hair is equal, and maintenance levels might vary, especially for curly hair. This way you can guide your clients to get the best lifespan and experience possible out of the hair.

Recommended Testing Procedure:

Asian hair comes in different shades of black. Mix a few together, and it will be an even shade of black. Mix hair from 10-20 girls together, and you’ll basically get 50 shades of gre.. black. That’s why the latter ends up getting mildly processed and colored.

If the hair is not from the mentioned quality category, it is processed floor hair that gets strongly processed and colored.

So you have 3 categories you need to be able to distinguish:

  1. Unprocessed raw hair [category 1]
  2. Processed “raw” hair [category 2]
  3. Processed floor hair [category 3]

Knowing this, you can establish a testing protocol for small hair samples, using the following tests.

Acetone Test: Acetone dissolves hair dye. You can splash some on a white tissue and rub a lock of hair with it. If the tissue stains brown or black, it’s colored hair (category 2 or 3). If the tissue dries up clear, it’s category 1.

Scraping Test: Scrape the hair with a knife or scissors. If the powder is white, it’s uncolored or mildly colored (cat 1 or 2). If the powder is brown or black, it’s colored hair (cat 3).

Washing Test: Processing damages hair. Damaged hair dries up frizzy when washed (cat 3). Unprocessed and healthy hair will become minimally frizzy (cat 1).

Bleaching Test: Unprocessed Asian raw hair (cat 1) bleaches slowly, but will get to 613 healthily eventually. Category 2 hair will reach 613 relatively fast, but will be less elastic than category 1 hair. Category 3 hair is generally limited by the hair dye and the processing, and won’t go much beyond #27 without getting severely overprocessed.

Elasticity Test: Healthy hair is elastic. The more you process it, the more the elasticity starts to go, and the hair becomes more prone to shedding. Category 1 and 2 hair will be relatively elastic in black, but only category 1 hair will reach #613 while being elastic. So if you’re commonly buying #613 from your vendor, this can be a great test.

Category 3 hair will generally not be elastic. But if the manufacturer chooses relatively coarse hair material, chances are it withstood the processing better and still has strength left.

Results of Black and Orange Line:

We’ve done these tests with our hair samples, and these are the results we’re getting.

Acetone Test
  • Orange Line: Tissue will be white
  • Black Line: Tissue will have a brown stain
Washing Test
  • Orange Line: Minimally Frizzy when dried
  • Black Line: Will be Frizzy when dried
Bleaching Test
  • Orange Line: Bleaches to #613 healthily, but will take multiple attempts
  • Black Line: Will be limited at #27 and turn overprocessed if trying beyond
Elasticity Test
  • Orange Line: Will be elastic
  • Black Line: Lost some elasticity, but still strong

Free Hair Sample Information

Black Line Orange Line
20-25 gram 20-25 gram
Length: 10 inch Length: 6 inch
Bleaches to #27 Bleaches to #613 / #60 / #1001
Lifespan: up to 1 year Lifespan: 2-5 years
Becomes frizzy after washing Will not become frizzy after washing
Remy machine-aligned hair* Hair with intact, full & aligned cuticles
You’re only allowed to order our hair extension sample once.

Additional information

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  1. Morgan Lee (verified owner)

    The 10A can be bleached to blonde hair nicely. I’m in love 😍 can’t wait to work with you💗

  2. Ana

    I have heard nothing but good reviews for Bossique! I just got sample, everything is nice so far!

  3. TierraThomas (verified owner)

    I got the sample set and was very impressed with the hair.

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