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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Chinese hair is quite round in nature, and that's why you will see very few Chinese girls have natural wavy or curly hair. Indian hair is a bit flatter in nature and that's why it can be naturally wavy. The flatter it gets, the easier it is to curl. As Chinese isn't, it really is resistant to styling.

    Hair care is incredibly important to maintain your textures for longer. If you wash your hair and let it airdry, your wet hair will be heavier and gravity will try to pull it straight. If you use a hairdryer on your textured hair, blow from the bottom, rather than blowing it from the top to down. When it's about 80% dry, you can (finger)comb it depending on the texture.

    Always start brushing from the bottom and start by removing tangles in short sections and work your way up. You can also wash and condition the extensions before brushing them to help remove some tangles and smooth the hair. For curly hair, if you want to brush the hair, then first spray foam wrap lotion or mousse on the hair, and then brush it as above.

    If you feel that too much of the texture was lost, you could restyle them or do it yourself. Style it when the hair is a little bit "dirty" as the texture will hold better.

    Our orange line bundles are fully unprocessed. While a lot of vendors claim that their bundles are, a large majority of this hair isn't the highest quality material. It gets a minor chemical bath, and gets colored to cover it up. Some of the used chemicals break down some of the melanin in the hair, making it bleach 5-6 times faster than real unprocessed hair.

    That means that our orange line bundles take about 5-6 times longer to bleach to #613 than what you might be used to.

    The important factor isn't time, it's the remaining elasticity. If you hold a healthy strand of hair on both ends and pull it, you will see that it doesn't break, but stretches. The chemicals used in bleaching make the hair thinner and make it lose elasticity. This is what will generally cause shedding when hair is bleached beyond its ability. Take your time when bleaching our orange line, monitor the elasticity, and keep going until it starts to lose it.

    Make sure that you wash the hair before bleaching with shampoo. While we don't use any products in the hair, sometimes there are some leftover products in the hair which could affect the result. Furthermore, it would raise the cuticles, making it easier to take bleach in. Don't condition the hair as this would close the cuticles and make it harder to bleach.

    Our bundles are 95gram with a 2 gram error margin. This means that bundles will be between 93 and 97 gram. This is without the rubber bands.

    If you wish bundles that are an exact 100 gram, we could customize them for you, but that would come with an MOQ.

    We are sorry to hear that you haven't received your order yet. Please reach out to us via email at so we can chat further about the issues that you're experiencing with your delivery. We are more than happy to help you track down your order.

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