About Us


Cristina Wen founded Bossique. We are an officially registered company in China, and our registered name is 广州碧斯琪贸易有限公司, which roughly translates to Guangzhou Bisiqi Trade Co., Ltd. Our name started as Bossique, but a registered company requires a Chinese name in China. That Chinese name is 碧斯琪, BiSiQi, or BSQ. Cristina has been the face of the company, and that’s why we’re also known as “Cristina Wen”. The company structure is a Joint Venture, as it’s partially foreign-owned.

Transparency & Honesty

You might have seen one of our posts on Facebook or our blog and wondered why we shared all this information.

Cristina started in one of the larger Chinese hair companies and worked her way up to sales manager. In this position, she got involved in dealing with high-end clientele. While initially, sales were good, her boss got greedy and messed up future orders for profit. She didn’t agree with his methods, left, and started her own hair company. The boss is rich, which means he has influence in the Chinese hair industry. He tried to sabotage Cristina but failed.

That’s why it became one of our missions to expose these bad practices of Asian hair vendors and educate people on how to protect themselves. It means that we can only be transparent about our own products. After all, we teach people how to recognize these shortcuts. As we’re a partially foreign-owned company, we understand that Asian vendors can be frustrating to deal with, and we try our best to provide excellent service to all our clients.


Cristina Wen from Bossique