About Us


Bossique, a Joint Venture, was founded by Cristina Wen. Our registered name in China is 广州碧斯琪贸易有限公司, or Guangzhou Bisiqi Trade Co., Ltd. We’re often referred to as “Cristina Wen” because she’s the face of the company. Our mission is to expose bad practices of Asian hair vendors and educate people on how to protect themselves. As a partially foreign-owned company, we strive to provide excellent service and transparency about our products.

Bossique's Story

You may have come across our social media post or blog and wondered why we shared such extensive information. Let us tell you the story behind it.

Cristina, our founder, began her career at a large Chinese hair company and eventually became a sales manager. While working with high-end clients, she witnessed her boss’s greed-driven tactics that compromised future orders for profit. Disagreeing with his approach, she left and started her own hair company.

Unfortunately, her former boss, who holds significant influence in the Chinese hair industry, attempted to sabotage Cristina’s business. Despite his efforts, Cristina persevered and succeeded in establishing her company.

This experience inspired us to expose unethical practices of Asian hair vendors and educate people on how to safeguard themselves. Therefore, we prioritize transparency in our own products and guide people to identify these shortcuts. As a foreign-owned company, we understand the difficulties of dealing with Asian vendors and strive to provide exceptional service to all our clients.

Cristina Wen

Cristina Wen from Bossique