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About Us


Who we are

Cristina Wen founded Bossique. We are an officially registered company in China, and our registered name is 广州碧斯琪贸易有限公司, which roughly translates to Guangzhou Bisiqi Trade Co., Ltd.

Our name started as Bossique, but a registered company requires a Chinese name in China. That Chinese name is “碧斯琪”, BiSiQi, or BSQ. Cristina has been the face of the company, and that’s why we’re also known as “Cristina Wen”. The company structure is a Joint Venture, as it’s partially foreign-owned.

Covid hit the hair industry hard, and the prices for quality hair skyrocketed. Prices for raw hair went from $85 for a 30-inch bundle to roughly $130 in less than a year. Many buyers switched to lower-quality hair as a result. The same goes for vendors, and quality has gone down in general. We noticed something going on with our manufacturer as well, and the quality of the collected material was declining. However, we have access to some professional hair collector who is very serious about quality and can get a good deal for the hair. So we decided to take the opposite approach and upgraded our orange line’s quality instead. As a result, Bossique is now one of the suppliers that offer the highest quality hair extensions in the Chinese market.

Information & Transparency

You might have seen one of our posts on Facebook or our blog and wondered why we shared all this information.

Cristina started in one of the larger Chinese hair companies and worked her way up to sales manager. In this position, she got involved in dealing with high-end clientele. While initially, sales were good, her boss got greedy and messed up future orders for profit. She didn’t agree with his methods, left, and started her own hair company. The boss is rich, which means he has influence in the Chinese hair industry. He tried to sabotage Cristina but failed.

That’s why it became one of our missions to expose these bad practices of Asian hair vendors and educate people on how to protect themselves. It means that we can only be transparent about our own products. After all, we teach people how to recognize these shortcuts. As we’re a partially foreign-owned company, we understand that Asian vendors can be frustrating to deal with, and we try our best to provide excellent service to all our clients.


Cristina Wen from Bossique

Cristina Wen || Founder

After graduating, I started out in Banggood. A few years later, I changed to a famous, but typical Chinese hair company. I did well as a salesperson and got promoted to salesmanager. I have a curious mind, am fairly extroverted and wanted to learn more about hair, but that slowly exposed what my boss was hiding from me. For example, their raw hair changed to a raw/virgin mix and prices stayed the same. I felt uncomfortable with these bad practices of my boss, and quit.

I started Bossique in 2018. At that time I didn’t have money to stock hair, and bought good quality hair from a certain manufacturer. My old boss found out, felt a grudge towards me leaving the company, and blackmailed the manufacturers into not selling to me. That was hitting rock bottom for me, but fortunately I received some loving support and managed to pull through.

It did become a mission to bring justice to these dishonest practices of certain vendors. Pointing fingers would simply lead to companies taking revenge, and we’d prefer to avoid these childish company feuds. Instead we decided to educate, and raise awareness. We’re glad to say that a lot of people have started to recognize the bad practices and my old company isn’t particularly doing well. That’s one guilty pleasure I received from our honesty.

Just be aware that I’m often seen as the face of the company. However it’s simply too much work to reply all clients, pack up all orders, maintain the website, and stay on top of the stock. There are actually some very talented people working behind the scenes who don’t (want to) appear in the spotlights. 

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Anthony || Co-Founder

I graduated in communication & multimedia design in the Netherlands. I’ve always felt interested in China and ended up studying Chinese in China. I worked part-time as an English teacher, fitness coach, and Chinese-Dutch translator for Chinese game companies.

Something major happened to me in 2019, which negatively impacted my life. One of the triggers was my old job, and I was looking for something new. Cristina told me about her business struggles, and I decided to help her out by creating some content for her business. Putting my teeth into something new was exactly what I needed.

I didn’t know much about hair, but I learned quickly. I quickly discovered two problems in the hair industry: Bad information and miscommunication between east and west. I hoped that with Bossique, we could tackle these two problems. We started to provide accurate information about the hair industry and tried harder to offer better customer service. Now we’re known as a very tra

about us

Is Bossique a Manufacturer?

Many hair companies claim they are manufacturers and can offer factory prices. Mostly that’s a lie.

At Bossique, we offer hair in three different qualities: hair typically sold to black women and other types typically sold to white women. Even for these products, we work together with about nine different manufacturers. These don’t even include the products we customize for some of our larger clients.

Why so many? Manufacturers tend to focus on one type of product. If a certain factory produces bundles and sells lace products, the latter is usually outsourced to a place specializing in hand-tie work. In this market, the quality of products can differ greatly. If one of the lace product manufacturers suddenly produces a batch with very large knots, we need to have a backup in place.

As a trading company, we’re in a position where we will always have the freedom to find the best quality available and supply our clients with consistent quality.