Why Bossique Hair?

We’re a wholesale hair vendor focusing on quality and honesty, making us the most trustable hair supplier for hair extensions. Our Blog and Facebook are filled with many valuable tips you won’t hear from other hair vendors. We’re trying our best to expose bad practices of hair extension suppliers so that you are less likely to fall for marketing scams. Armed with our information, you have a much better chance of finding the hair that you’re looking for.

Bossique Hair Supplier - Premium Hair Products

Reliable Hair Supplier

We understand how challenging it is to find a reliable Chinese hair extension vendor who consistently delivers the best quality products. But your search ends here! We have an uncompromising quest for perfection and extensive knowledge of hair extension quality. We won’t disappoint you.

We’re an international hair extension distributor based in China and can supply you with wholesale hair extensions in different hair lengths, colors, qualities, and styles. Whether you’re looking for lace & bundles, or a large variety of hair extension methods, we’re the best high-quality source for you.

We’ve been the primary hair extensions supplier to hundreds of hair salons across America, Europe, and the Middle East. Since our wholesale hair extensions and wholesale wigs are sold at wholesale prices, you can increase your profit margin and sales.

Most of our products have no minimum order quantity, and all prices already include wholesale discounts. This way, our small buyers and drop shippers can benefit from our competitive prices. We can offer more significant wholesale discounts when ordering over a kg worth of hair.

Buy wholesale hair extensions from BOSSIQUE and pay a fraction of the regular price while still providing your clients with the extensions they deserve. Using our industry-leading products is one of the fastest and easiest ways to accelerate the growth of your salon. We have an excellent brand reputation for providing professional buyers with excellent information about hair extensions. Priced with your profit margins in mind, these weft hair extensions wholesale packs mean a lower cost per unit for you and allow you to offer a better deal to your clients.