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Why Bossique Hair?

We’re a wholesale hair vendor focusing on quality and honesty, making us the most trustable hair supplier for hair extensions. Our blog and Facebook are filled with many valuable tips you won’t hear from other hair vendors. We’re trying our best to expose bad practices of hair extension suppliers so that you are less likely to fall for marketing scams. Armed with our information, you have a much better chance of finding the hair that you’re looking for.

Wholesale Hair Supplier


We understand how challenging it is to find a reliable Chinese hair extension vendor who consistently delivers the best quality products. But your search ends here! We have an uncompromising quest for perfection and extensive knowledge of hair extension quality. We won’t disappoint you.

We’re an international hair extension distributor based in China and can supply you with wholesale hair extensions and wigs in different hair lengths, colors, qualities, and styles. Whether you’re searching for wholesale human hair extensions, wholesale raw hair extensions, or wholesale virgin hair extensions, we’re the best wholesale hair supplier for you.

We’ve been the primary hair extensions supplier to hundreds of hair salons across America, Europe, and the Middle East. Since our wholesale hair extensions and wholesale wigs are sold at wholesale prices, you can increase your profit margin and sales.

There’s no minimum order quantity, and all prices already include wholesale discounts. This way, our small buyers and drop shippers can benefit from our competitive prices. We can offer more significant wholesale discounts when ordering over a kg worth of hair.

Buy wholesale hair extensions from BOSSIQUE and pay a fraction of the regular price while still providing your clients with the extensions they deserve. Using our industry-leading products is one of the fastest and easiest ways to accelerate the growth of your salon. We have an excellent brand reputation for providing professional buyers with excellent information about hair extensions. Priced with your profit margins in mind, these weft hair extensions wholesale packs mean a lower cost per unit for you and allow you to offer a better deal to your clients.


We were voted the best hair vendor in 2021 in the Facebook “Hair Money Making Guides” group. With 353 votes, 41% or 145 were for Bossique Hair. While some of these votes are from people who haven’t sampled from us, they’re simply vouching for us based on the valuable education we have provided to members of the group.


We’re working with a hair collector who has amassed the most extensive collection of long-length raw hair material in the Chinese market. While other vendors deal with massive shortages and keep driving up the prices, we’ve been able to go down in the last 1 year. We prefer to offer premium hair at fair prices.


We aim to understand, answer and resolve all your queries at any time. This way, we can help you and provide you with the best possible guidance you require. We’re not just here to get sales and commissions based on your orders. We’re trying our best to help you find the hair quality you want.

Questions & Answers

Where can I find the best hair extensions at affordable prices?

Quality comes at a price, but they’re always affordable as they last much longer than cheaper, lower-quality hair. You might pay $300 for virgin hair and save $200 by not using a raw hair alternative. Just remember, the lifespan of raw hair is around three years, while your virgin hair will only last up to a year. If you are looking for good quality hair extensions, you should look for raw hair, primarily human hair, without any chemical processing. Any country’s supplier can provide high-quality hair extensions. It’s just a matter of finding the right hair supplier.

Is the human hair extension industry ethical?

There are two main methods to obtain human hair. It’s either donated for religious reasons or voluntarily sold to hair collectors. We don’t have these religious traditions in China, and girls are asked to sell their hair for a decent sum. It’s prevalent in the countryside, where the population has low wages, and selling hair can contribute to having a better life. There are some bad practices, and there have been news articles where Indian men are assaulting and chopping off girls’ hair, or even prisoners of Chinese labor camps are being forced to cut off their hair. But the entire hair industry shouldn’t be judged by the worst practices. Also, making hair extensions from raw hair material is labor-intensive and requires cheap labor. It does create many jobs for families in China, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia. While wages are low, they’re still better than many alternatives.

How to become a hair extension vendor?

You need a product and be able to convince people to buy your product. Many starters spend a lot of money on finding a hair supplier but fail to persuade others to buy their products. The basics are easy to understand, but there’s a lot of depth to it. Having people become aware of your brand is one step, but this requires you actually create a brand around your products and repeatedly push it in front of people’s faces. It requires consistency over a long period, which you can accelerate by spending money on marketing. You could do it by replying to questions on social media, showing beautiful pictures of your products on Instagram, or trying to optimize your website and rank high for specific keywords in search engines.

Should you buy from a wholesale hair factory?

No, your goal should always be finding a hair supplier who can offer the products you’re looking for. Whether they’re a hair factory or a supplier for hair extensions doesn’t matter. Offering factory prices are simply what hair extension vendors say to get you to buy from them. Many of them aren’t even factories. Even if they are, factories often focus on delivering one type of product. There aren’t any factories producing both bundles and lace products, as one of the two is outsourced to another company. The selling price is determined by: the buy price of a company, money spent on rent, wages, commission, advertising, desired profit margin, and more. We currently source our products from about seven different factories, with a dozen backups, to provide consistent quality. Quality comes first, and prices come second.

What’s important when starting a hair business?

The most important critical factors of doing any business are being educated about hair, finding the right hair extension vendor, and learning to persuade people that your product is what they need.
1. Determine the products you want to sell. If everyone is selling bundle deals, including your hair supplier, then maybe you should focus on a niche, i.e. hair replacement systems, or customized wigs.
2. Do you want to sell top-quality, or something more affordable?
3. Creating customer profiles to better understand your target buyer. Learn about problems they face in their daily life, dealing with stylists, buying products, and income, and finding solutions for these problems.
4. Learn about your product. Which problems are commonly faced, and what should you pay attention to when sourcing a supplier for hair extensions?
5. Learn about your competition. Learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Copy their strengths, and improve their weaknesses.
6. Is your supplier honest with you, and assists you in finding a product, or are they just looking to make a sale?
7. Are they using a ton of marketing labels that don’t exist? (Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, mink hair, hair factory prices)
8. Do they meet your requirements? Can they ship out fast for drop shipping? Do they have stock? Do they have the right quality?
9. Is one hair supplier enough for your requirements? Do you need alternatives or backups?
10. Sample your products, and try to keep costs down. Do non-destructive testing, and resell your okay samples.


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