Why the Popular Swiss HD Lace is Out of Stock

Why the Popular Swiss HD Lace is Out of Stock

Note: Outdated article

The real HD lace is the Swiss HD lace. It actually is produced in Swiss. As you all know, we Chinese love to copy stuff. However, these laces are really difficult to copy. Some of you have already experienced the poor quality of these copies (or attempts to fool the clients). Some suppliers call them “the new HD lace blabla”.

Currently the demand for the HD lace is incredibly high, and as these laces can’t be copied well, this forms a bottleneck in the production process. Supply simply can’t keep up with demand. It’s a market-wide problem.

We wish that we could give a prognosis of when this problem would be solved, but unfortunately the problem is currently only getting worse.

Swiss HD Lace
Swiss HD lace can be recognized by the frayed edges

The Swiss HD Lace

In this video, you can see the actual lace, and compare it to both the transparent and the brown lace. A lot of suppliers will claim that they have HD, but in fact ship you a pinkish transparent lace, or simply a transparent lace.

Want to Prevent Getting Cheated?

The easiest way to make sure if a supplier has the Swiss HD lace, is by having a video conversation with them. They can show you what they claim to be HD lace and verify it before making a purchase. Just be aware that we’re living in a different timezone, have lives in the weekend and after work, often work from home during Covid-19. So if you want to have a video call to see the HD Lace, ask when the salesperson is convenient to show it and make an appointment.

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