Money for your Photo/Videos

We have a lot of bundles and lace products in stock, and we can fairly easily produce wig units with our hair. However to be able to properly present products on our website, we’re at a disadvantage. We don’t have a lot of photos/videos of people wearing our hair, or having created beautifully customized units with our wigs. Most of our buyers have their own clients and they don’t want to find out who their vendor is. While other vendors get around that problem by simply stealing other people’s pictures and posting them as their own, we prefer to at least get permission for using the material.

So if you love our hair, don’t mind that others might potentially see that you bought from us, had your hair installed, or created a beautiful customized wig unit with our hair, feel free to send it to WhatsApp/iMessage: +86 135 3369 3283. We’ll give you a $10 coupon which you can use on your next purchase.


  • Only photos/videos of our hair are valid for this promotional offer.
  • Only one coupon is given per wig or install. If you purchased multiple installs or customized multiple units, we can give multiple coupons.
  • By giving the photos/videos to us, you give us the right to use these photos/videos to promote our products.
  • Photos/videos are good quality, taken in a well-lit environment.

We’ll watermark the photos/videos to make sure that no-one else can take them and pose as their own.